Overview of Batheo Game Interfaces

City: Each gamer in Batheo owns one City, where he can buy and sell Crops, upgrade buildings and train heroes on routine basis. You need to upgrade your City level again and again as a prerequisite for growing Crops trade turnover and higher buildings’ levels and heroes’ levels in the game.

Area: In each Area, there are gamers and Silver Mines waiting for you. You can colonize one or more of the gamers, as well as you can seize one or more of the Silver Mines for more Drachmas. Or, you can wait to become some gamer’s Colony or losing your Silver Mine.

Expedition: There are enemy troops led by gods in each Batheo Expedition Interface. Once you defeat your enemy, you can receive laurels and marvelous high-quality equipments if you are lucky. After eliminating some specified enemy troops, you are allowed to enter a destination of higher level for further expedition.

World: On the World Map, you can check all areas opened to you. More and more areas will be opened to you during your growth. You are allowed to invest and relocate to areas of your own faction. You can attack gamers and your faction can finally occupy the areas of another faction.

Farmland: There are farmlands with various yields in Farmland Interface. As a start, you can seize a farmland for 4 hours for Crops. More hours the farmland you possess, more Crops you can gain. You can conscript soldiers by consuming Crops for your expedition. Go seize your farmland with high yields now!