Drachmas & Crops

Earning Drachmas

Drachmas play an important role in Batheo. Now that you are familiar with the basic survival rules of Batheo, it’s the time to plan for a better future. Let’s start from making money. Levy is an effective way to get Drachmas. You can upgrade your Cottages to increase more Drachmas in each Levy. Apart from Levy, seizing a Silver Mine, promoting yourself, completing main quests are the other means to get Drachmas.



Another key resource in Batheo is Crops. After your Assembly reaches Lv 16 your troop loss in battle needs Crops to replenish. An easy way to get Crops is to seize a farmland from Local Troops or another gamer. You can also buy Crops in the Market when the selling price of Crops is low (The selling price changes every half-hour.).