Spectacular League Battles for Prestige and Glory

Every night at 7:15PM server time, each league leader can lead his league members to attack or defense those large farmlands located in World Map. Whoever seizes a farmland can collect large amounts of crops for FREE!

Now take your bravest heroes and join the Farmland Wrestle. Don’t worry about being outnumbered as the number of soldiers is not everything when it comes to winning a Farmland Wrestle.

Usually, league leaders will send out the relatively weaker troops to test the strength of the enemies. Don’t feel upset if you are sent out first. Just make sure your blood won’t shed in vain.

You can tip the follow-up troops with the information you gather on the enemies such as types of heroes, size of the troops and the formation of the enemies. Nonetheless, your primary duty is to kill as many enemies as you can!

Sometimes league leaders may send the weaker troops to battle the strongest troops of enemies. After certain successive victories of their strongest troops, they have to leave the battlefield, that’s when our troops defeat the rest leaderless enemies!