Overview of Quest System

Quests Introduction: There are two types of Quests: Main Quests and Daily Quests. Gamers could get quest rewards by finishing Quests.

Main Quests: Main Quests guide the gamers to get familiarized with the various functions and gaming systems. Main Quests are listed according to their difficulties, and gamers have to finish the easy quests to enable the more difficult ones.

Daily Quests
Daily Quests will only become available for gamers who reach Lv. 40 or above, and a maximum of 6 Daily Quests are allowed per day. The more difficult the Daily Quests are, the more rewards gamers will get upon completion. Gamers could refresh the Daily Quests list by spending extra Gold in order to get better quests. Daily Quests can be instant finished by spending 10 Gold.