Troops Information

Hoplite Block infantry formation.
Psiloi High-mobility infantry.
Phalanx Armored Block infantry.
Peltast Defensive infantry against archers.
Grosfomachoi Offensive swordmen.
Pezhetairoi Very effective against cavalry.
Thorakites Spear infantry, expert at Critical Strike.
Dryad Ancient Dryads, natural enemies of archers.
Phantom Phalanx Armored defensive infantry from Hell, expert at Critical Strike.
Hammer Phalanx With hammer in hands, the infantry can cause high damage.
Fire Sower Disciples of Prometheus.
Snowfield Warrior Scandinavian warriors with high Mobility.
Forest Pyromaniac Hidden in the forest, the Pyromaniacs are ready to fight for any invasion.
Phantom Scythe Soldier Infantry with scythes given by Hades can subdue any kind of cavalry.
Sea Giant Giants in deep sea.
God's Golden Guard Guards only obey deity clans.
Rocky Giant Granite-built giants.
Titan Goliath Brawny Titans with long arms, a natural stone thrower.
Titan Axe Titans with axe, can give infantry a crushing blow.
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